Monday, August 11, 2014

“What do stars do? They shine.”

Neil Gaiman puts words in their poetic, simple and proper place.  Of course stars shine!  That's it! No more details than that to worry about - not right now anyway.

Think how we could apply his logic to help get through the complications, stress, new classrooms, new curricula, new administrators, new technologies, etc. etc. etc. of the coming year.  In other words, take your plate-full of worries and stresses and throw it away!  Because, bottom line, it will be a great school year.

All you need to do is find the least common denominator for each big item you're facing.  Like this:

What do summers do?  They end.

What do schools do?  They start.

What do parents do?  They worry.

What do principals do?  They organize.

What do teachers do?  They teach.

What do kids do?  They learn.

Now add some of your own.  Make them positive....make them simple.....make them work.

What do _________ do?  They ___________.

What do _________ do?  They ___________.

I'm not suggesting we forget about the real world and it's impossible complications.  I'm just suggesting we try to keep it all in perspective. 

 "What do people do?  We grow." 
(inside and out)
Be well today and always,