Saturday, January 26, 2013

Subplanners Tips #3

Use morning and afternoon messages and provide "bookends" to each school day.  I used them in my 6th grade classroom to:
  • provide an intro to what we will do today in school
  • practice current skills and new vocabulary
  • provide a "wrap up" of what we did in school today
I set up each message on the computer and always made copies for each kid.  The upside for me was having finished papers in a designated folder to use as "evidence" of good or questionable work at the parent conference.  Downside, of course, is waste of paper.  If using too much paper bothers you, use the projected (smartboard, activeboard, overhead) version for all to read together.  Click here to view examples of a morning and afternoon message and see how they could be adapted for use in your classroom. 

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