Saturday, September 28, 2013

"It's always too late for sorries! ....." from Neil Gaiman

Great line!  In other words, it shouldn't have happened in the first place - whatever it was you're saying "sorry" about.  I cringe when teachers or parents insist on kids saying "sorry" for bullying or calling names or whatever wrong they'd done, and afterward presume all is forgiven and forgotten.  It hardly wipes the slate clean in my book!    Better to work at undoing the damage in a constructive way rather than covering up with "sorries." 

And it's not okay to be sorry for things that may have gone wrong in your classroom last week!  Forget it and move on.   Focus on what you do best and build on it.  
Do you have 3rd graders working on adjectives?  Click here for free 8 pages of adjective practice. Might provide some good "fillers" in coming weeks, or use as a literacy center.

I finished a Zombies ABC Book this week for grades K-1 and then decided to put together a full day of activities (to use as subplans, student teacher plans, or fillers anywhere during your day) on Halloween.  The Zombies ABC Book is hilarious, thanks to clipart by Wrangler Mike and fonts by Jen Jones.  My grandson, Gunnar, loves zombies.  Me, too.
Links to both products: 

(Zombie ABC Book)

(Full day Sub Plan for Halloween)

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