Saturday, January 25, 2014

My shadow! My very own shadow! ...and it's all mine. - Peter Pan

I looked for a worthy quote about shadows/winter/Groundhog Day and got sidetracked by this voice inside my head: Mary Martin singing about finding her (his) shadow after meeting Wendy at the Darling Residence.  And wondering why I know every word of every song in that show....

Back to shadows and winter and Groundhog Day!  If you live in the Midwest, you don't anticipate an early end to this particular winter - one of our harshest in recent years - but the legend still brings a smile, or more likely a roll of the eyes when we hear its pronouncement.

If you're a second grade teacher, click here for a freebie for days leading up to Groundhog Day  It includes groundhog clipart from Morgan Ramsay at  She has great stuff!

Here are some other products that might help you get through the winter grind - whether you use them for yourself or for the sub:                                         


 Stay warm wherever you are and remember to do whatever it is that brings you peace of mind.
Be well today and always,


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