Saturday, October 19, 2013

The child is in me still . . .and sometimes not so still. -Fred Rogers

Mr. Rogers could talk to a television camera and make it feel completely personal....words just to me and me alone!   Such a gentle teacher - and gentleman.  He made complications seem simple again.

And I don't think keeping the "child" inside means losing our grip on reality.  It's just seeing the wonder in things:  full moon; autumn color; early morning stillness.  Or maybe it's  letting go of worries in order to find the wonders in the first place.

Whatever it means to you personally, being in touch with your "child inside" as a teacher is what helps you guide and motivate your kids each and everyday. You see first hand the looks on their faces when they've learned a new concept or skill.  (You see it - you don't have to rely on data or test scores to know it happened), and it really is a "wonder-filled" thing!  It's why we became teachers in the first place.

So, keep your "child inside" - at the very center of your good teaching!  And in your life away from teaching, too.

Be well today and always,

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